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We got in touch with Steven Downend a designer at Warwick, our Dolce velvet suppliers. Steve talks us through caring for Dolce velvet and shares his knowledge of the latest fabric trends.
Our Dolce velvet fabric has proven to be very popular with our clients. Its timeless, luxurious look and feel as well as its great quality ensures that your soft furnishings will last a long time.

Which fabrics are on trend this coming season?

The velvets are definitely increasing in popularity. We see this continuing certainly for the coming season and next couple of years. Metallics are also a trend


Which colours of the Dolce are the most popular?

We updated our colour range of Dolce to include more ‘Mineral colours’ and these have proved to be the most popular: Magnesium, Marble, Jasper and Slate

dcemarb dcejasp dcemagn

Mineral colours (Dolce Magnesium ,Dolce  Marble, Dolce Jasper)


What is your advice on caring for Dolce velvet and what is the best way to remove stains


Dolce is ok to rinse if it is non FR, However, if treated it must be dry cleaned to preserve the FR properties.


How do you go about choosing fabrics for your collections,

We look for fabrics with the right feel; texture, similarly finish is very important. Of course price is key, and we research the market to check that new fabrics can be sold at the right price. We only select fabrics that we really like, and hope that means other people will feel the same!

What do you feel will be the next big trend with fabrics and colours?

The current trend of Greys with bright bold accent colours will continue. Similarly this if history is to be repeated, will return to a very neutral palette.

Do you have any design tips for our clients on how they should choose what fabric they are looking for?

Choice of fabric is very individual but I would always suggest ensuring your choice always works back with a neutral base. Bright colours sit well with linen and grey, therefore you don’t tire of the scheme quickly and it’s much easier to update.

What patterned fabrics are your most popular?

Faded florals are very popular (Wolseley and Monance) wool plaids (Bainbridge & Eltham). The Kaleidoscope collection for the more modern customer is doing well because of the bold colour and the hint of retro.


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