Ideas for your Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows with pelmets and matching faux wood blinds


Kitchen Design Ideas

Your kitchen is an important part of the home and for many, a place they spend a lot of time in.

Most of us would want this space to feel comfortable and inviting just like our other living areas. Whether you are getting ready to move into a new home, renovating your current kitchen or would like to add a few touches to your kitchen, you can be inspired these few ideas.


 Monochromatic, Neutral or Colour

The colour scheme you choose is important. Black and white is quite popular for many kitchens and looks modern clean and bold. Add neutrals to soften the starkness of black and white or a more neutral scheme used throughout makes space feel calm and inviting. If you would like to liven up space, add a splash of colour with window treatments, bold cabinets or few bright pictures on the wall. Flowers or even a lovely bowl of fruit can add some lovely colour as well.








Window treatments

Your window treatments can complete or update your kitchen. Choose a lovely pair of curtains above your sink or pelmets with blinds. A pelmet only is perfect if your kitchen window or patio doors are not overlooked. It will also let in lots of light or show off a lovely view.





What about smells?

A lot of people worry about cooking smells when it comes to curtains in the kitchen. Easy to wash light curtains may be the solution for windows above the sink or close to the cooker. Easy to clean faux wood blinds look very nice without the problems of real wood blinds.

If you are fortunate to have an open plan and some lovely patio doors, you can go all out with a lovely pair of curtains as the smells will diffuse through the whole living space and you can open the patio doors to air the room.




Bling in the Kitchen

We just can’t resist some sparkle! If that’s your style you can find creative ways to add it to your kitchen design. A hint of glitter wallpaper for a backsplash or a full-on glitter wall (we would recommend not too close to moisture). A lovely crystal chandelier would be perfect to add some sparkle. For your windows, our glitter pelmets and glitter trim blinds are the perfect sparkling showpiece.



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