How to turn your small or lonely window into a statement window

Your small and single windows may seem tricky to style and you may be tempted to ignore small lone windows completely. Small windows can also make your home just as visible to neighbours as larger windows and let in cold as well direct harsh sunshine which can raise temperatures in the summer and fade floor treatments. Apart from these practical reasons, the perfect window treatment for your a little window can completely transform the surrounding space.


Here are some style ideas to help you style your smaller windows.



1. Two single windows can be styled with opposite facing curtains to create symmetry and give the illusion of one larger window.

2. A nice pair of blinds with crystal trim make these windows look stylish. The Ruffle pelmet ties in with the furniture without compromising on light.



4.This lovely pelmet and curtain set help transform this landing into a lovely space.



  5.This window was styled with a pelmet and single curtain.The added height of the pelmet and floor length of the curtains make the windows seem bigger than it is.


6. Add sparkle with glitter or embellishments to make your little window stand out.



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