Restyle your living room for Autumn /Winter

As we move into the cooler months it’s often a nice time to change up your living room decor to give your room a warmer atmosphere. You don’t have to completely redecorate but a few key changes can give your room a whole new look.



Autumn is the perfect time to change your curtains to get ready for the long cooler nights. Thicker fabrics such as velvets can help conserve energy. Nice warm neutral colours like mink, cream and champagne give a lovely cosy feel.



If you already have the perfect pair of curtains, make your window look different this season without spending too much by changing your tiebacks. Our Esplanade tie backs are perfect for autumn.



Layering with cushions

Nice soft cushions in various sizes and textures make the room look lovely and cosy. Soft luxurious thicker fabrics like our crushed velvets are perfect for feeling comfortable and warm when relaxing in your sofa or favourite armchair.




Lighting is an important aspect of your room decor and the perfect combination of light sources helps create the perfect mood.  Your general light sources can be made into stunning decorative features with a lovely chandelier and you can add new wall lights, spotlights,  candles or a gorgeous statement lamp as extra accent lighting to complete the look.


Add some gold accents 

Gold is a lovely warm and welcoming colour and also makes your room feel glamorous and expensive. Add a mirror, photos or wall prints with lovely gold frames, some gold ornaments or create a lovely gold feature wall with gold glitter wallpaper.




Here is a video where Amy shows us the ways you can style our pale gold glitter wallpaper with various fabrics.

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