How to decorate your home with Glitter

Whether you are a full-on magpie attracted to anything shiny or love the glamour that a hint of sparkle adds to home decor then you will love the ideas we are going to share using our beautiful glitter wallpaper encrusted with small and large glitter pieces creating an amazing twinkle and sparkle effect, It is the ultimate statement wallpaper!

  1. Use as …well wallpaper

This is the obvious option for many. Apply on all your four walls for the ultimate statement or use on a feature wall. You can make your chimney breast a thing of beauty or use in the alcoves.



2. Your own DIY glitter dining table

Your dining table will thank you for making it so fabulous! Just lay wallpaper on the top of the table and cover with glass. You now have a brand new amazing dining table at a fraction of the cost! This will work well on your coffee tables too.

3. Picture/ Mirror frames

This photo features the creative use of two colours by one of our clients. It’s simply stunning.


4. Christmas table setting

Make your own glittery placemats and coasters with offcuts of glitter wallpaper. Perfect for those Christmas dinner parties. Note you may want a different colour on your fabulous new glitter table.

What ideas do you have for getting creative with our glitter wallpaper? Have you tried any? Share your ideas and comments in the comments below