Handmade by Maria Curtain & Pelmet Showroom Tour

Handmade by Maria Curtain & Pelmet Showroom Tour

We are excited to show you our curtain & pelmet showroom tour video. This video will feature some of our stunning pelmet and curtain designs, as well as different fabric choices to make your dream window come to life. Join us for a great way to see the finer detail in our fabulous products.

Handmade by Maria

What’s it all about?

We discuss different curtain and pelmet fabrics that will compliment your home decor. Such as ‘Dolce’ which is a lustrous semi-plain chenille that has swing and sheen. Our ‘Lovely’ fabric is exceptionally soft and romantic, with contemporary matt, chalky colours; and finally, ‘Plush’ fabric, which must be felt to appreciate its wonderfully soft texture and depth of colour!

Our Handmade curtain and pelmet sets will bring style and comfort into your home. A perfectly styled window is a very important feature to make a room stand out. We offer a range of different designs in a variety of fabrics, so you can find your perfect match.

In our video tour, we will show you our ‘Centre Piece’ pelmet and curtain set which has a ruffle pattern going into a rectangular centre-piece. This design is traditional, cosy, and warm. The centre panel can either be plain, have a strip of diamonds or be a complete diamond panel in a diamond shape if you prefer it more blingy. 

Several other designs are also shown, for example:

  • ‘Plush’ design has a studded trim with a padded panel and four fabric buttons spread out evenly.
  • ‘Empress’ design has two studded panels with a ruffle pattern that goes into a studded panel.
  • ‘Shooting Star’ set, which can have a glitter backing, a matching backing or a different fabric backing, with crystal trim and a ruffle pattern going into a sparkly panel. This design is Glamourous, luxurious, and prominent.
  • ‘Ruffle Bow’ design has ruffled fabric going into a bow in the centre of the pelmet. Therefore this design is inviting, fashionable and very stylish.

The Curtain & Pelmet Showroom Tour

So, what are you waiting for, jump straight in and watch the full tour here!

Or if you prefer, call in and see it in person at 42 Grange Road West, Birkenhead. CH41 4DA.

We can fit our pelmet and curtain sets throughout Wirral and Liverpool as well as parts of Cheshire and Manchester.

Any questions?

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Thanks for watching and we hope to see you soon.

Maria & the team x