Tips for Creating a Beautiful Nursery Window

How to create your perfect nursery window dressing

A well-styled nursery window can add beauty and calm to your baby’s room as well as offer some practical benefits. Here are some steps to consider when thinking of how to style your baby’s nursery.


1.Consider installing black out blinds to help your baby sleep more comfortably. More especially during summer nights.


2.In addition to your blinds consider adding a lovely curtain set. This can create a lovely statement window and can be the focal point of your decor. Our Ruffle Bow pelmet and curtain set is very popular for nurseries as well as some of our other pelmet and curtain set styles. With your blinds, you can opt to have your curtains just for decorative purposes which will save you on price.



3. If you have just a little window in the nursery and you would like to create the illusion of a larger window you can opt for a wider pelmet with curtains for decorative purposes that extend outside your window. You will be amazed at how much bigger your window will look and the curtains will not interfere with the light coming through. With roller blinds, you can roll them all the way up on lovely sunny days.


4.If you wanted to opt for a pair of blinds only, why not add a lovely pelmet which makes the window look less bare and give it a softer feel.

5.If you are styling a room for toddlers or you plan to use the same window set for a few years for safety purposes consider a beautiful pair of curtains that ends below the sill over floor length curtains.This will keep your little one safe from pulling curtains and hopefully keep them cleaner and in good condition for longer.


6. If correctly styled, your window is a very important decorative feature. It is important to choose the right colours that will create a peaceful environment for your baby. Apart from the traditional colours of pale pink and pale blue, neutral colours like whites, creams, yellows and greys are also lovely for nursery curtains.

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