Bay Windows and a little Christmas Inspiration


We couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful photo with you. How stunning is this Christmas tree set beside this gorgeous bay window!

The sparkly snowy winter theme with the gorgeous winter lights go perfectly with the silver and grey tones of the rooms. The encrusted glitter wallpaper is also the perfect backdrop for this amazing display and adds

Now let’s talk a bit more about that bay. In our opinion, nothing completes a nice big bay window than the perfect curtains and these silver velvet curtains do just the job. The padded pelmet embedded with diamante studs makes the window look complete. The pelmet also adds a warmer more luxurious look.

Want to make your bay window look even more spectacular? Here are a few photos of bays we have styled.

Ruffle Bow pelmet: This is a lovely set perfect for nurseries. The pelmet paired with matching curtains and tiebacks beautifully frame this beautiful window with window seat.

101011-2Elegant Padded pelmet

This padded pelmet is perfect if you love that chic understated look that has a nice hotel feel. This style is very versatile and fits most bay windows.


Square bay windows

 We can make square bays look just as stylish as their ‘angled’ counterparts. This photo features our Clear Stone style.


L shaped bays

 We get a lot of enquiries from clients saying they have L shaped bays asking if we can style them

The simple answer is, yes, we can do something beautiful with your L shaped bay window.


Pelmets across the bay: There are some of our pelmets that cannot go around a bay or there are some windows where it would be difficult to fit a pelmet around it. In such cases, we would recommend the pelmet going across. Which we think looks just as stunning.

10103-1 swag

Do you have a bay window or an awkwardly shaped window? Speak with one of our consultants who can best advise you as to how we can style your window. Book a telephone consultation here 

With our variety of styles and fabrics, we can work to create fabulous statement window

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