Living Room
Choosing the right treatment for your window can not only complete the look and style you are trying to achieve with your home decor. It can also create privacy, warmth and make your home more energy efficient. Enjoy browsing through our living room design inspirations.

Elegance Understated
Swag style pelmet set with matching curtains and statement tiebacks.
Plain centre piece design pelmet set with holdbacks.
Elegant padded plain design pelmet set with statement tiebacks. We will work with you to help you choose the right fabric and colours to complement your room.
Elegant padded plain design pelmet on a bay window with matching velvet curtains, tiebacks and decorative cushions.
Ruffle design pelmet and curtain set finished with a clear stone trim.



Puffball style pelmet design shown in a two way colour combination.
Clear stone design pelmet set shown in stunning crushed velvet with matching tiebacks
Shooting star design pelmet set finished with a crystal trim and matching metal and crystal holdbacks
Swag style pelmet set with colour matching statement tiebacks
Shooting star style pelmets with matching curtains and a colour pop statement tieback.

Glitter pillowbox style pelmet with a faux silk feature and matching curtains.
Glitter diamond design pelmet with colour matching faux silk curtains and a statement wall of deeply encrusted glitter wallpaper.
Clear stone style pelmet in velvet with crystal holdbacks
Glitter diamond design pelmet with matching ruffle tiebacks
Shaped style pelmet set with clear stone design and crystal holdbacks



Clear stone design pelmet with matching tiebacks shown in black faux silk
Clear stone design pelmet with matching tiebacks. This design is a great choice for bay windows as the pattern is consistent.
Diamond design centre piece shown with crystal holdbacks
Elegant padded design pelmet and curtains shown in luxurious crushed velvet. Choose an intresting fabric to add a statement to a plain pelmet.
Clear stone design pelmet and matching curtains shown on a complex bay.