By Handmade by Maria / 16/03/2018

Ideas for your Kitchen Windows

  Your kitchen is an important part of the home and for many, a place they spend a lot of time...

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By Handmade by Maria / 02/03/2018

5 tips to get your home ready for Spring

  With sub zero temperatures and lots of snow recently. It may not feel very much like Spring yet but bluer skies...

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By Handmade by Maria / 08/12/2017

Bay Windows and a little Christmas Inspiration

We couldn't resist sharing this beautiful photo with you. How stunning is this Christmas tree set beside this gorgeous bay window!...

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By Handmade by Maria / 24/11/2017

Gold and Silver Home Decor

When choosing your metallics or metallic style colours do you tend to gravitate towards the warm, rich tones of gold...

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By Handmade by Maria / 21/10/2017

Christmas Curtains and Decor Inspiration

  Christmas is fast approaching. As you may be getting ready for the holidays we thought we would inspire you...

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By Handmade by Maria / 30/09/2017

How to decorate your home with Glitter

Whether you are a full-on magpie attracted to anything shiny or love the glamour that a hint of sparkle adds...

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By Handmade by Maria / 12/09/2017

Ordering our pelmets and curtains through our courier service

  We thought we would have a chat with Amy who is the dedicated consultant for our courier service to...

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By Handmade by Maria / 29/08/2017

Restyle your living room for Autumn /Winter

As we move into the cooler months it's often a nice time to change up your living room decor to...

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By Handmade by Maria / 16/08/2017

How to turn your small or lonely window into a statement window

Your small and single windows may seem tricky to style and you may be tempted to ignore small lone windows...

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By Handmade by Maria / 27/07/2017

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Nursery Window

  A well-styled nursery window can add beauty and calm to your baby's room as well as offer some practical benefits. Here...

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By Handmade by Maria / 07/07/2017

How to Create your Dream Bedroom

  Your bedroom is the place you escape to at the end of the day and you would want it...

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Add instant glamour with Lanesborough  tiebacks.
By Handmade by Maria / 20/06/2017

Styling with Tiebacks

Don't underestimate the importance of tiebacks or holdbacks when it comes to your curtain set. Though a seemingly small part of...

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By Handmade by Maria / 23/05/2017

How to Style a Glam Office

  Whether you work from home or away your office is where you spend many hours being creative, carrying out...

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By Handmade by Maria / 05/05/2017

Industry Experts: Warwick

Our Dolce velvet fabric has proven to be very popular with our clients. Its timeless, luxurious look and feel as...

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By Handmade by Maria / 18/04/2017

How to style your window

A perfectly styled window is a very important feature and has the ability to transform a lifeless living space as...

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