How to style your window

living room
A perfectly styled window is a very important feature and has the ability to transform a lifeless living space as well as add the finishing touch to a well thought out design.

When styling your window it is important to think about your personal style, type of window and function.

Personal style

We find that our clients usually fall into 3 categories.

  • Elegance Understated
  • Glamour
  • Sparkle

If you prefer more of an understated elegant look, consider more neutral tones, simple styles and timeless fabrics and pelmet styles.

If you would like to add a bit more glamour to your living space consider on trend fabrics such as crushed velvet in bolder colours.

You could add a touch of sparkle or go full on bling with glitter fabrics, clear stones, crystal trim, diamante centre pieces and bold tiebacks








If you are looking for ways to conserve energy, thicker fabrics like velvet keep in more heat during winter months. If you were looking to let a lot more light into the room, faux silks fabrics tend to be more light and airy.

Black out blinds can be added as an extra feature to keep the light out on summer nights as well as conserve energy in the winter. The extra layer helps regulate the inside temperature keeping cold air out.

A cost effective option could be using less fabric in your curtains, if they are just for show, while using blinds as the main function piece to keep out light.


Type of window

A pelmet with a single curtain is a lovely way to style a small window.

You could also opt for a pelmet only or pelmet with blinds for the added style without detracting from the light.

A wider pelmet with curtains extending outside the window area create an illusion of a larger window while allowing a lot more light through.

A bay window can be beautifully styled with pelmets round the bay with a pair of curtains or for a more statement style such as our Swag and Shaped pelmets, the pelmet could be fitted across the bay.




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