How to Create your Dream Bedroom


Your bedroom is the place you escape to at the end of the day and you would want it to feel as inviting and luxurious as possible.


To help give you a bit of inspiration, we have put together our own guide to creating the perfect night time retreat:


We would suggest going for a nice neutral palette when decorating your room to keep the atmosphere nice and calm. We recommend neutral plain bedding or crisp white sheets and bedding, preferably Egyptian Cotton, which instantly gives your bedroom more of a hotel feel.


A beautiful headboard and baseboard set in a neutral colour along with a lovely bed runner and scattered cushions add interest to your bedroom and makes your bed look inviting! If you would like to add a pop of colour, cushions and throws are perfect as they can easily be changed.


For an extra glam look, add a statement feature wall. Glitter wallpaper is very on trend now and pairs beautifully with the neutral tones of the room.


17310149_2238253489733077_4804804481649360193_oMirrored furniture can be added to your room as they are beautiful as well as functional. They are chic and stylish and immediately make your room look expensive.  A statement chair, such as our crushed velvet and glitter chairs will make you feel like a movie star at your dressing table.

Finish off your room with a good pair of curtains. A lovely pelmet and curtain set in a nice neutral colour will complete the look creating the perfect dream bedroom.





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